Technical Specifications

DCBR modular system technical specifications

External walls

  • Impregnated elevation made of waterproof structured plywood
  • The windproof membrane
  • Grate with dried wood filled with stone wool 150mm
  • Steam insulation film
  • Waterproof plasterboard


  • Coverage – OSB3 – 18mm
  • Steam insulation film
  • Steel grate filled with stone wool. 150mm
  • Wind insulation
  • Galvanized perforated sheet


  • Bituminous waterproofing (two layers)
  • OSB3 – 18mm
  • Windproof membrane
  • Rock wool 150mm in wooden grate
  • Vapor barrier
  • OSB3 – 12mm
  • Waterproof plasterboard

Interior walls

  • Waterproof plasterboard
  • vapor barrier
  • Wooden grate filled with rock wool – 50mm
  • vapor barrier
  • Waterproof plasterboard

Windows and doors

  • PVC windows, 5-chamber, 2-pane, without mullions
  • Woodwork summary according to the project
  • Patio windows with low aluminum threshold
  • Double-sided windows color

Plumbing and Hosing

Complete: verticals and approaches to sanitation by the agreed drawings

Electrical installation

  • Fuse table 6-pos
  • wires 3×1.5 and 3×2.5, cans
  • the number of electrical points according to project
  • exterior lighting according to project

Aluminum panel

Powder coated aluminum plates, for vertical, horizontal or oblique mounting.

CEDRAL planks

Cedral Click planks are fitted together flush, creating a striking modern and contemporary facade.

Elevation board Siberian larch